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Published July 20th 2021

Digital Consumer Intelligence Has Gone Mainstream

We’re proud to be the industry standard of the industry we made.

Digital Consumer Intelligence (DCI) was the direct result of the merger between Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon. Despite navigating a merger and integration, which could prove difficult in itself, there was a glaring need for the social listening market to transcend its traditional use cases. Brandwatch was determined to lead the way, and today we can affirm that it has.

DCI is practiced and defined as enabling organizations to adapt to a fast-changing world by connecting decision makers to strategic insights derived from a combination of real-time online data, customer data, and marketing intelligence. While that definition calls for you to read through it a few times, the most fundamental issue our product department looks to address is “connecting decision makers to strategic insights.” That single thought is the crux of every Brandwatch solution and feature; it’s designed into everything we build.

It’s also a hard problem to solve. Across thousands of clients and dozens of industries we elevate the strategic value of online data beyond tactical awareness and engagement metrics. We create channels that empower and add meaning to our clients’ owned customer data to be analyzed side-by-side with social and marketing intelligence. We have redefined online Consumer Research.

A prominent piece of third-party research* examining the social listening industry back in Q4 2020 put it plainly:

“"Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon's marriage yields mighty tech and market share. The 2018 merger united two complementary platforms under the Brandwatch name, giving it instant heft. Headquartered in Brighton, UK, this vendor rapidly integrated the two platforms and was early to lead with a digital consumer intelligence vision."”

DCI and beyond

DCI is where we are looking to grow, innovate, and lead and we’re the first to do so. Now a new report from Forrester has been published. This research examines nine companies across 10 different criteria. Ultimately your score across each criteria is broken down into:

  • “Differentiated
  • On par
  • Needs improvement
  • No capability”

Brandwatch has been named a “Strong Performer” and received differentiated scores of:

  • Data sources
  • UX and actionability
  • Data regulation

Standing atop those criteria makes sense as our product teams believe “connecting decision makers to strategic insights” is best done through quality data and cross-organizational accessibility to that data and the insights it yields. Brandwatch excels at the most important criterion of DCI, and while our work and innovation won’t end here, we see this new report as a validation of our DCI vision that we pioneered and cultivated.

The existence of this never-done-before research shows how our movement within and apart from the social listening industry demanded our competitors do the same, and follow our lead toward DCI. We’re proud to be the industry standard of the industry we made.

Our work continues with the express goal of bringing our clients and other industry pros up-to-speed with DCI. We crafted the industry’s only DCI Maturity Model and Assessment, and we’re churning out bespoke plans on how organizations can level-up their DCI sophistication to better serve their companies’ needs.

Read the industry’s first DCI Maturity Model here.

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